Why solar?

  • 100% Accelerated Depreciation (save upto 30% of the total project cost as Income tax)
  • Highly economical compared to diesel generators
  • Fulfill your 6% Solar purchase obligation proposed by TN govt. for commercial customers
  • Sell solar power at a higher tariff or opt for Renewable Energy Certificates / Clean Delivery Mechanism
  • Reduce your electricity bills drastically
  • Income from selling Solar power is exempt from Income tax for the first 10 years
  • Solar panels come with 25 years Performance warranty
  • Run all your appliances with constant voltage
  • Enjoy uninterrupted power 24 x 7
  • Clean & silent operation
  • Feasible solution for remote areas
  • Near zero operations & maintenance costs
  • Can be installed in a hybrid model with diesel/wind energy
  • Modular & scalable to future requirements